Case Planning

Successful treatment planning requires confidence and assurance from your dental lab.  Communication is our key to success.  If we have a question or perhaps think a different plan might be more suitable we will communicate to make sure the path chosen is the best one available.  Got a question?  No problem, we respond quickly with drawings, photos, email or whatever is necessary to make your case a success.

For complex cases we coordinate with you and your staff to design and produce the best solution for the patient.  We do this through conferencing, emails, and even Skype.  Our goal is to reduce the number of patient visits and create a better impression for your practice and patients.

Restoration or dental prosthesis is an art.  We do our best at making a detailed case plan, but the final outcome is subjective.  That is why we are ready to stand by and quickly make any adjustments necessary to ensure the final outcome is successful.  In fact many of our technicians work with specific offices and know their preferences so each case is to their liking.


CBCT scans are invaluable when it comes to implant planning.  Our in-house CBCT scan capability gives you a one-stop shop for implants.  They are an indispensable tool for implant planning.  CBCT scans provide three dimensional models from which we can access bone structure, tooth orientation, nerve canals and pathology.  We can take your patient through all steps of implant planning including study models, implant fabrication and surgical guides.  Through the use of CBCT scans, we can determine if the patient is suitable for implants as well lowering the risk for complications or implant failure.

Sherry Precision Dental Art has partnered with Imaging Sciences and uses the most advanced dental imaging system available today, I-CAT.  I-CAT produces high definition 3D diagnostic images for ultimate treatment implant planning.  With increased resolution and focus, our images can clearly visualize bone and nerve prior to implant placement thereby maximize successful placement and customer satisfaction.


  • One stop shop - Give you and your patients a one stop shop for implants.

  • Accurately access the temporomandibular joint.

  • Optimize implant design and selection of the best type of implant material, size and location.

Digital Dentistry

The future of dentistry is now.  Our lab has fully embraced the digital dentistry revolution.  Our CAD/CAM department is state of the art.  It not only is fast, efficient, and accurate, but communicates directly with dentists through impression scans, implant case planning, and one-on-one consultations.  With several high end milling machines and a number of 3D scanners, we are able to more accurately plan implant cases.  Our milling machines use a variety of materials for unmatched replication and accuracy.

CAD/CAM is growing.  With the integration of CBCT technology, we are a one-stop shop for implant cases and planning.  With iTero integration, we are able to receive same day digital impressions and start work immediately.  At the core, our 3D scanners can deliver precise fitting, patient satisfying restorations, in a quick and efficient manner.

Digital dentistry is now.