Crown & Bridge

With an incredible selection of materials, ranging from e.max to traditional PFMs, our crown and bridge products will deliver beyond your expectations.  Depending on your patients' needs we offer a wide range of choices. Our high quality materials combined with our expert master skilled artisans make for unrivaled finished products.  We specialize in Zirconia, IPS e.max, lava, traditional PFMs, IPS empress, white and yellow high noble, and semi-precious. 


IPS e.max and IPS Empress are great non-metal materials.  They are a lithium disilicate ceramic that offers great esthetics and high strength.  With little shrinkage the material is well suited for either anterior or posterior crowns.  They are the ultimate in simplicity and versatility.  It's high-strength and durability offers fit, form and function through pressed ceramics.  They offer improved flexural strength of 400MPa.  A high-performance material, it is capable of create all-ceramic restorations that offers true-to-nature results.

Zirconia for crowns and bridges is becoming one of the most chosen materials.  Its many advantages include extraordinary toughness, ability to withstand wear, and easily matchable to surrounding teeth due to its translucency.  Its aesthetic qualities are one of its biggest advantages.  Zirconia crowns and bridges are CAD/CAM milled from a single block and then baked at high temperatures giving it a nearly indestructible characteristic.

Implants & Abutments

We offer top of the line implants and abutments.  We have experience with most implant types and are always up to date with new products.  We maintain a close relationship with our implant and abutment suppliers to make sure we use the right type and material for every case.  Our CAD/CAM department maintains the latest libraries and software to design state of the art treatments.  Our implant specialist can work with you on arriving at the best treatment for the patient.  With CBCT scans and surgical guides we can minimize patient healing time by ensuring accurate placement.


Diagnostic Wax-Ups

Diagnostic wax-ups are a valuable tool to visualize the results of a prosthetic case prior to execution of treatment.  It gives both the doctor and patient an accurate view of how the final prosthetic will look.  It helps to set realistic expectations of what can be accomplished.  They can provide additional visual information in complex cases and allow for the study of occlusal relationships.  Diagnostic wax-ups can also be used to determine if the current treatment should be pursued farther.

Surgical Guides

Surgical guides are custom guides designed for each patient that provide accurage drilling and implant placement.  They offer a predictable and safe way to perform implant surgery.  These guides can help reduce pain and healing time by accurately pinpointing implant placement during surgery.  They provide full drill guidance.  Our surgical guides are compatible with most implants and implant brands. 

Included with our surgical guides are online pre-planning meetings to make sure the guide and surgery fits the patient's needs.


Night/ Sport Guards

Did you know more than 5 million teeth are knocked out every year in sporting events?  Statistics show that a protective mouthpiece customized to your patient can reduce injuries by 99 percent.  Store bought pieces are not very effective and often come loose or put uneven pressure on teeth or gums.

We offer custom made sport guards in various colors, including custom printed names and team logos.

Night guards can make a big difference in teeth care for grinding patients.  We offer custom made night guards with a hard outer shell and soft inner ensuring a comfort fit throughout the night for either upper or lower arch.  Their custom design ensures maximum protection and makes breathing a lot easier than store bought models.