CBCT scans are invaluable when it comes to implant planning.  Our in-house CBCT scan capability gives you a one-stop shop for implants.  They are an indispensable tool for implant planning.  CBCT scans provide three dimensional models from which we can access bone structure, tooth orientation, nerve canals and pathology.  We can take your patient through all steps of implant planning including study models, implant fabrication and surgical guides.  Through the use of CBCT scans, we can determine if the patient is suitable for implants as well lowering the risk for complications or implant failure.

Sherry Precision Dental Art has partnered with Imaging Sciences and uses the most advanced dental imaging system available today, I-CAT.  I-CAT produces high definition 3D diagnostic images for ultimate treatment implant planning.  With increased resolution and focus, our images can clearly visualize bone and nerve prior to implant placement thereby maximize successful placement and customer satisfaction.


  • One stop shop - Give you and your patients a one stop shop for implants.
  • Accurately access the temporomandibular joint.
  • Optimize implant design and selection of the best type of implant material, size and location.