Crown & Bridge

With an incredible selection of materials, ranging from e.max to traditional PFMs, our crown and bridge products will deliver beyond your expectations.  Depending on your patients' needs we offer a wide range of choices.  Our high quality materials combined with our expert master skilled artisans make for unrivaled finished products.  We specialize in Zirconia, IPS e.max, lava, traditional PFMs, IPS empress, white and yellow high noble, and semi precious.  

IPS e.max and IPS Empress are great non-metal materials.  They are a lithium disilicate ceramic that offers great esthetics and high strength.  With little shrinkage the material is well suited for either anterior or posterior crowns.  They are the ultimate in simplicity and versatility.  It's high-strength and durability offers fit, form and function through pressed ceramics.  They offer improved flexural strength of 400MPa.  A high-performance material, it is capabale of create all-ceramic restorations that offers true-to-nature results.

Zirconia for crowns and bridges is becoming one of the most chosen materials.  Its many advantages include extraordinary toughness, ability to withstand wear, and easily matchable to surrounding teeth due to its translucency.  Its aesthetic qualities are one of its biggest advantages.  Zirconia crowns and bridges are CAD/CAM milled from a single block and then baked at high temperatures giving it a nearly indestructible characteristic.